Tools and templates to help you build your Planned Giving program.


Esteemed Member List — Connect with your fellow members of the inaugural Planned Giving Accelerator.

Ask Me Anything chat file: January 27, 2021 — Includes a conversation about development software systems.

Slide Deck: Why Start With Bequests


Slide Deck: Identifying Your Top Prospects

Professor James’s Research — From this month’s podcast, here’s the blog post talking about Professor Raymond James’s research.

Slide Deck: Your Website & Activity Tracking

Sample Planned Giving Web Page Copy

Sample Activity Tracking Template


Slide Deck: Top Prospect Solicitation — From the March 3, 2021 webinar

Sample Top Prospect Solicitation Note

Sample Bequest

Welcome! (Sample Gift Recognition Form)

Slide Deck: Bequests and Top Donor Solicitation


Slide Deck: Identifying Your Tier II ProspectsFrom the April 7, 2021 webinar

Slide Deck: Planning Your Tier II SolicitationsFrom the April 14, 2021 webinar