Let’s build your nonprofit’s
planned giving program. Together.

Planned gifts are the key to your nonprofit’s long-term financial stability — but many fundraisers avoid Planned Giving, fearing it’s too complicated or too costly to manage.

Planned Giving Accelerator demystifies Planned Giving, offering step-by-step guidance from Planned Giving expert Tony Martignetti and steady feedback from an engaged group of peers. Many of our members earn planned gift commitments within the first 90 days of starting the program.

You can too!

Our next class starts in Spring 2023. Apply today and make 2023 the year your nonprofit starts building its legacy!

Boost Your Career

Planned Giving Accelerator is the perfect resource for nonprofit professionals who are looking to learn a high-demand skill in a supportive community of peers.

Through the Accelerator program, you’ll start securing meaningful planned gifts for your nonprofit while gaining valuable, in-demand expertise you can use throughout your career in fundraising.

Even better, you’ll have a chance to network and learn in a virtual setting that’s perfectly tailored for busy professionals.

Exclusive Member Benefits

In addition to our virtual classes, members also get access to:

  • A vetted, supportive community of nonprofit peers who network, share ideas—and really help each other.
  • Ongoing, personal advice from expert Planned Giving consultant Tony Martignetti.
  • Sample fundraising letters, marketing materials, how-to’s, and other resources that can help you get your Planned Giving program off the ground quickly.

Work With Tony Martignetti: The Planned Giving Evangelist

When you join Planned Giving Accelerator, you’ll get personal advice from Tony Martignetti, the Planned Giving Evangelist.

Over the past 25 years, Tony has helped secure more than $100 million in new bequests for nonprofits after launching successful Planned Giving programs at Iona College and St. John’s University and over decades as a consultant.

Through Planned Giving Accelerator, he’s on a mission to help 1,000 nonprofits secure at least $3.5 billion in bequests.

You’ll get access to the expertise of a world-class consultant who will guide you through every step of the process.​

What our members say

“In Planned Giving Accelerator, I have friends, allies, a safety net.

“It’s an investment, not an expense.”

Suzette Chapman

Neighbor Impact

“The peer-to-peer learning and networking opportunities have been extremely valuable!

“Don’t waste another year wishing you had an effective planned gift program in place for your nonprofit.”

Cheryl M. McCormick

Athens Area Humane Society

“I appreciate that Tony makes Planned Giving clear and simple by breaking things down into manageable pieces every week.”
Sarah Schmidt

Northern Forest Center

You Don’t Need to a Lot of Time – Or a Big Budget — to Succeed

For just an hour per week — and with a minimal investment — you will get all of the tools you need to build a Planned Giving program that will transform your nonprofit.

Make 2023 the year you build a legacy for your nonprofit.

Our next class starts in Spring 2023!