Webinar: Planned Giving & Your FY22

The start of a new fiscal year is a great time to become more proactive with your nonprofit’s Planned Giving efforts.
If FY22 is looming for your organization, you might be wondering how to make the case for getting the resources you need to get serious about Planned Giving.
The good news is that Planned Giving doesn’t require a major investment. It simply requires a commitment.
Join me on Thursday, May 13 for a free, 45-minute webinar that will show you how to make the case for getting the resources you need for an effective Planned Giving program.
We’ll discuss:
  • How to identify the potential ROI of your new Planned Giving program.
  • Why now is an especially good time to launch a Planned Giving program.
  • How Planned Giving can bolster professional development.
  • What Planned Giving means for your future budgets. We’ll also leave plenty of time for your questions. Register today and start laying the groundwork for more planned gift commitments!
Because of high demand, we’re offering this webinar as an encore to a discussion we hosted in April. I hope you’ll join us.


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