Making Major Milestones Into Lasting Legacies

We’re heading into the milestone months.

May and June often bring some of life’s biggest events – weddings, graduations, reunions and other significant milestones that play best in the warmth and renewal that spring offers up.

For those focused on Planned Giving, these months also provide authentic outreach opportunities to encourage donors and supporters to consider making a planned gift to your organization.

For instance, wedding season means it’s anniversary season. For those supporters celebrating a milestone anniversary, an amazing way to mark 25 or 50 years as a couple could be to commit a gift to your nonprofit.

You can apply a similar approach to graduations and reunions. Particularly for college fundraisers, milestone reunions offer the chance to remind alumni of giving to the college or university that played such a vital role in their ongoing success.

Memorial Day is fast approaching – a holiday focused on remembering beloved veterans who have died, and one that could be made more significant with a planned gift in honor of a family member or dear friend.

Outside of these milestones pegged to the spring months, other key life events can be logical triggers to consider planned giving – the birth of a grandchild, retirement from a successful career, bat/bar mitzvahs, christenings and confirmations all can be made far more meaningful by an associated planned gift.

It’s an idea that likely is not going to come to most of your donors on their own. Which is why it’s essential to find creative ways to plant the seeds of what’s possible.

Work these key occasions into your Planned Giving marketing and you improve the chances of a milestone event in a donor’s life, being the catalyst for a lasting legacy to support your work.


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