Webinar: Don’t Fear the Reaper — Planned Giving Isn’t the Death Conversation

Webinar date: Thursday, March 25, 2021 at 3 p.m. ET

There’s an insidious myth about Planned Giving fundraising: that it means talking to donors about death.

Because of it, lots of fundraisers avoid meaningful conversations about Planned Giving with their most loyal donors.

In turn, many donors don’t understand the impact of including their favorite nonprofits in their estate plans.

Together, we can fix this.

Join me on Thursday, March 25, for a fast-paced webinar that will show you how to engage your donors in fruitful discussions about Planned Giving – while avoiding the dreaded “d-word.”

During this quick shot, 45-minute session, you’ll learn how to:

  • discuss Planned Giving in terms that put your donors at ease
  • structure your Planned Giving program so your conversations are simple
  • identify your best prospects for planned gifts, so you’re talking to the right folks

I’ll also leave plenty of time to answer your questions.

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About Tony Martignetti

I’m the evangelist for Planned Giving. I’ve helped nonprofits raise more than $100 million in planned gifts, showing scores of small- and mid-size orgs how to build a pipeline of gifts that support long-term financial stability. I’m an attorney, but I don’t talk like one. I’ll use plain language – and some stand-up comedy! – to make Planned Giving accessible and even fun. Yes, fun!


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