Summer’s Dog Days Are Here. Let’s Make Them Count!

I sleep pretty well these days knowing I’m playing a supporting role so that countless abandoned dogs and cats in Georgia will end up in happy homes in the decades to come.

I say “supporting role” because all I did was share my expertise with Cheryl McCormick of the Athens Area Humane Society, who joined Planned Giving Accelerator in January. Cheryl did the rest.

If you join the Accelerator for our next class starting in July, you’ll have all the tools to do the same for your nonprofit.

Planned Giving Accelerator is the easiest, most affordable and accessible path to get fast Planned Giving results. But it’s not just about getting quick wins. The Accelerator builds the foundation for a sustainable Planned Giving program that consistently lands bequests, month after month, year after year.

The formula has worked perfectly for Athens Area Humane Society. Within the first two months, they had secured their first planned gift commitment.

They kept rolling, getting six more commitments over the next few months.

Other Planned Giving Accelerator members are seeing swift and strong results as well, getting commitments for planned gifts that in the U.S. average $35,000 – and often come in much higher. One planned gift came from a donor who made a pledge — and then made an additional $60,000 donation to a member’s capital campaign.

Remember, a bequest that you secure today has the potential to make a big difference in how you deliver on your mission for decades to come.

In Athens, Ga., that means more dogs leaping into the arms of their new families and feline friends purring contentedly next to lifelong companions.

What could Planned Giving Accelerator mean to the lives of those who benefit from your work?

Our next class kicks off in early July.

Join today.


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