Reason #1 To Join Planned Giving Accelerator

Over the past week, I shared with you the top benefits of joining Planned Giving Accelerator.

I emphasized the strong peer support among Accelerator members and how I provide step-by-step instruction to demystify Planned Giving and help you launch a successful and sustainable program.

Then there is the remarkable return on investment as members develop a pipeline full of potential donors for half-off tuition.

Of course, you also gain the career-boosting advantage of gaining sought after Planned Giving expertise.

All of those benefits matter. But here’s what I think matters most: Through Planned Giving, you can make a meaningful and lasting difference for years – decades – to come.

When you work closely with donors, you are helping them create a legacy supporting causes they care about. But in the process, you are also creating a legacy of your own.

Together, you are partnering to assure essential funding will be available to help your nonprofit establish financial stability and continue to make a growing impact well into the future.

What more could you ask for?

When I started Planned Giving Accelerator, I envisioned launching a movement to help small- and mid-size nonprofits tap into the enormous untapped generosity that is universal among people from all walks of life who want to leave the world a better place than they found it.

Today is your chance to join that movement, and commit to adding deep meaning and value to your work.

But you have to act fast. Really fast. Tonight at midnight is the deadline to join our February class for 50% off full tuition.

Email me right now at to get one of 2 remaining half-off seats for February’s Planned Giving Accelerator class.


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