There are some instructive parallels between Planned Giving and your local gym.

There are the New Year’s resolutioners who have a burst of activity for a few weeks, only to never be seen again.

Then there’s the fits-and-starts crowd who show up for brief stretches throughout the year, but never develop the consistency to really get in fighting shape.

Finally, there are those that we all envy and admire – the dedicated exercisers who follow a consistent and achievable plan and get great results.

Of course, when it comes to Planned Giving, you want to be part of that last group.

I have good news! Sticking with a Planned Giving routine is much easier than pumping iron five days a week.

The key is to develop a plan that focuses on identifying your top supporters who love your nonprofit, communicating with them on a consistent basis, and developing a recognition program that demonstrates your appreciation and acknowledges their gift.

My free How-to Guide walks you through the fundamentals in more detail. If you haven’t checked it out yet, now is a great time to do so.

It’s the first step toward establishing a Planned Giving program that can help ensure your nonprofit remains healthy, fit and strong.

Download the How-To Guide here.