As we approach the deadline next Monday to join our February class, I’m highlighting the top 5 benefits of becoming a Planned Giving Accelerator member.

Reason #3 — Remarkable ROI

When it comes to Planned Giving Accelerator, the numbers add up.

In fact, they can multiply, exponentially.

I’m talking return on investment here – ROI.

Let’s break it down. Right now, you can join our February class for half price.

Considering that the average charitable bequest is $35,000, simply securing one commitment through the methods I’ll teach you pays back 58 times your tuition.

But that’s just the baseline.

Several of our members have secured multiple commitments. One got five of her board members to make sizeable gifts. Another, as I mentioned in yesterday’s e-mail, has topped $2.2 million and counting.

Figuring out that ROI might break my calculator, but you get the point.

Viewed another way, we meet once a week during the six months of the Accelerator. That breaks down to $25 per session. With up to three members of your organization eligible to participate, the value increases even more.

I challenge you to find a more affordable – and valuable – professional development opportunity.

The bottom line – a modest investment in joining the Accelerator today, can make a huge impact on your nonprofit’s bottom line and your fundraising career for decades to come.

So what are you waiting for?

Less than a week remains to join Planned Giving Accelerator for only 50% of our full tuition.

You’ll get step-by-step guidance for launching your sustainable Planned Giving program.

Email me at now to get one of four remaining half-off seats for February’s Planned Giving Accelerator class.