When I talk to fundraising pros, I ask how comfortable they are with Planned Giving.

Too often, the answer I get is – not very.

But it doesn’t take long to boost those comfort levels considerably.

All I need to do is systematically blow up the series of insidious myths and misconceptions that hold people back from starting down the path to Planned Giving success.

Like most myths, these have emerged from misunderstanding. From a lack of exposure to the reality that launching a Planned Giving program can be simple, inexpensive, and successful – with the right guidance and knowledge.

If you’ve been told that Planned Giving is too complicated, constricting or costly, or that the conversations are about death, then I urge you to register for my next webinar, “Bust the Top 5 Myths of Planned Giving” on Sept 29 at 3 pm ET.

Beyond debunking the top 5 myths, I’ll share:

  • Where to start your Planned Giving program
  • What donors are your best prospects
  • How to promote your new Planned Giving program

Then I’ll leave plenty of time to answer your questions.

Join me, and start getting comfortable with Planned Giving.

Register now.