We’ve just come to the end of National Make-A-Will Month.

And while designating a month to encourage will-making helps build awareness and hopefully encourage action, the reality is people don’t create or update wills according to a set calendar.

That means that you have ample year-round opportunities to talk to your donors about making gifts through wills.

Here are my top 5 reasons why nonprofits should be encouraging donors to make a gift through their wills:

  1. Wills are simple for your donors and your nonprofit. Donors know how wills work, so there’s no learning curve there. And because wills are the simplest way to make a planned gift, you don’t need in-house expertise or staff trainings.
  2. Wills are easy to talk about when you’re connecting with the right prospects.
  3. Many donors are comforted by not having to tell you they’ve included your nonprofit in their wills. Keep in mind that, however, that it’s a good idea to give them many opportunities to do so.
  4. Donors like knowing they can change their minds about a planned gift commitment in a will (in reality, only about 4% of donors actually make a change).
  5. The Planned Giving potential is huge. Consider that the average charitable bequest is $35,000 — that’s more than 10 times larger than average annual giving.

These reasons aren’t attached to a date on the calendar. They are true during Make-A-Will Month – but they’re equally true in November, or February, or May.

Want more advice on how to talk to donors about Planned Giving? Check out my free How-To Guide.